First Blog Post On My New Shakeology Blog

shakeologyHi there and welcome to my Shakeology website!

This website is going to be all about Shakeology. I’m going to be sharing information on the ingredients, sharing success stories, answering questions, and basically sharing anything and everything related to Shakeology.

I’ve personally been drinking Shakeology (almost) everyday for the past 7 years and love it. It’s keeps me feeling full, curbed my cravings for sweets, and I love the way it makes me feel.

If there is ever a day when I skip my Shakeology because I ran out, or I’m traveling and forgot to bring it, I just feel “off”. I know, that sounds a little weird and is probably unbelievable, but it’s true… I love Shakeology!

This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it short. But stay tuned, there will be much more Shakeology content coming soon!